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LuckyAce Poker sign-up bonus and review

LuckyAce Poker

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Network 888.com
Easy to win10
Sign-up Bonus7
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $400
Bonus Code:
Payment methods
About LuckyAce Poker
LuckyAcePoker is a new 888 skin and shares players with Pacific Poker the poker room with the biggest fishes.

By signing up LuckyAcePoker from regalos exclusive promotion you will get :
  • A great sign-up bonus of 100%% up to $400.
  • Free pokerbility odds calculator license.
LuckyAce Poker Lobby LuckyAce Poker Table

Raked hand definition You can earn FPPs by:
  • Playing in poker ring games -earn 2 FPPs for every $1 of your contributed rake.
  • Playing poker tournaments -earn 2 FPPs for every $1 of tournament fee.

How to get LuckyAce Poker sign-up bonus
To get the bonus you must enter our bonuscode at LAP website:
  • Follow this link to LAP Bonus page
  • Enter the bonuscode REGALOS
  • Download and register
The Promotion is comprised of two bonus levels:
  • 1. An Instant Bonus equal to 25% of the first deposit made by a new player.
  • 2. A Pending Bonus equal to 75% of the first deposit made by the same player.
The Pending Bonus will be remitted to the player's account in one lump sum as soon as the player has collected 10 Bonus Points per every $1 of the Pending Bonus within 30 days of his/her first deposit.

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